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WCIT in Yerevan, Armenia in October 2019

Dr King attended the WCIT in Armenia in October 2019.

Unfortunately, CNN took over the whole conference, so we heard about Kim Kardashian and journalist´s fears of tech advances rather than About the next big thing in tech.

If CNN´s Quest does not like an answer he should not persist else he gets rebuffed. Best quote by an American-Russian tech guy : "Mr Quest, I did answer your question, there is nothing to add. It´s your problem if you do not like it."

A complete waste of time, but some nice meetings and new acquaintances and I had time to visit the amazing art galleries in Erevan and had a wonderful 21 k run on his Birthday rather than attending the networking cocktails.

Main lessons he learnt : 1. Russian women use horrible plastic surgons. Better nothing than that... 2 Journalists fear the coming tech wave, as they lost their Business model.

Dr. King would like to thank the young people of Erevan, it was all super friendly, but WCIT organisers made a less than perfect job.


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