Featured at Kitzbühel Alpenrally photo gallery

I'm very excited to announce that the perfect driver Ms. Liuba Tsepeleva, my Sunbeam Alpine Mark I and I have been featured twice on the gallery of Kitzbuehel´s Alpenrally 2019 front page.

It was a wonderful event with a great organizing team and one of the most beautiful sceneries you could ever imagine.

The people of Kitzbühel and of all the cities we touched during our journey within these three days in May were very friendly, the food was absolutely mouth watering, the sunshine pristine, and we made amazing friendships with great people.

Thank you and see you again in autumn 2020 !

Here is the URL https://alpenrallye.at/de/galerie-alpenrallye/galerie-2019

And attached are a few more photos from the event.

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