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The issue is not Trump

Great article: Everything Dr. Obama did as president and before and after was unsurpassingly good, everything Trump does must be bad, after all, it is Trump, so the mainstream media.

Thank you for killing thousands of innocent civilians directly, Mr president (sorry, the president I mean here is called Dr. Barak Obama), while selling a bomb to Saudi Arabia that is then dropped on a school bus should send POTUS Trump to the electric chair. It is all about timing : Who allowed to sell the bomb ? The Obama administration, media hero. But then, no, not the time of the sale is important, just that a person the media hates is in power when it is misused. So the media. Obama and family get their self-aggrandissement Kardashian with a morale TV show, Trump can clean up the Obama mess and take the beating for him. News used to contain information. Now it is only one-sided commentary.

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