A remarkable patent decision

The World patent organization (WIPO) has issued a statement in regards to the patentability of SwiftAlarm!s rape prevention device :

Patentability of an invention requires materially NOVELTY, INVENTIVENESS and COMMERCIAL USABILITY:

The decision : "In regards of novelty, WIPO has decided SwiftAlarm! rape prevention device to be NOVEL in all 25 patent claims: YES In regards of inventiveness, WIPO has decided SwiftAlarm! rape prevention device to be INVENTIVE in all 25 patent claims: YES

In regards of commercial usability, WIPO has decided SwiftAlarm! rape prevention device to be COMMERCIALLY USABLE in all 25 patent claims: YES "

Therefore it is expected by SwiftAlarm! that the world patent organization issues in due time the opinion to ALLOW AND RECOMMEND WORLDWIDE PATENTABILITY for SwiftAlarm! rape prevention device/Algol 107/the digital weapon.

Within the classification of the Dr. King technology investment vehicle. Algol 107, the SwiftAlarm! rape prevention device / and the digital weapon combination,

is considered to be a class I GAME-CHANGING INVENTION and will be progressed accordingly.

This is an amazing day for all of us.

SwiftAlarm! and Dr King would like to thank in particular

the team of GALILEOLAW, in particular Dr. Thomas Kurig, without whom this patent would never have been filed, let alone with this remarkable and overall success, and the European patent office and the World Patent Office and its officer Rüdiger Heß for a remarkable, swift and clear decision.

The world will never be the same after this decision. This patent gives us the commercial viability to finance the roll out of our product in 2019.

Dr. King : "The fight for our sisters, daughters, mothers and all women in the world has begun. Let there be no doubt : our society of good and decent people in the world sends a clear message to all men who think they can attack our sisters and children from now on : You might try, you might run away. But you will no more succeed with your heinous feats. You will no longer get away. You will not try a second time. Remember - you will not succeed and you will not get away when trying to instill fear unto us. We are no more afraid of you.

Because we are a brave society and we stand united as of today; the days we could not help our sisters are finally over. We can and we will.

We will leave this world a much better place than it was when we came to it. This is my promise to my life and to this world we live in."

Please, join the fight !

The teams of SwiftAlarm! USA and Canada

SwiftAlarm! Mexico SwiftAlarm! Germany

SwiftAlarm! ESS Ireland and Swift! Technologies

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