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Amazing explanation how attempted sexual assaults affect victims forever

Disclaimer and note :


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We share this article not to demonize or criminalize Judge Kavanaugh. We believe him to be "deemed innocent until sentenced by a court of his peers" as has been rightly stated by the US constitution.

However it is a very clear explanation how the brain is affected and why victims will not forget even details of heinous crimes, such as the one Mr Judge Kavanaugh is accused of. So despite the political views expressed we deem it to be an important article to better understand the suffering of victims.

And victims is what think about, we do not care to feel sympathy nor revengeful against offenders.

The most important statement in the text can be read here :

"...It is also important to note that what Dr. Blasey is describing in her report of sexual assault by Judge Kavanaugh is not a so-called recovered memory — one that a person believes he has recalled after having suppressed it for many years. Quite the opposite: It is a traumatic memory that she’s been unable to forget.

In the interview with The Post she said the assault “derailed me substantially for four or five years,” and had caused anxiety for years after that. Indeed, her therapist’s notes reflect that, in a 2012 session, she described an attack by students at an “elitist boys’ school” (...) who went on to become “highly respected and high-ranking members of society....”

Why Sexual Assault Memories Stick

by Richard A. Friedman, psychologist

#sexualassault #rape

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