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Initial Milestone for SwiftAlarm! A. I. Security

SwiftAlarm! is constantly working on innovations to improve personal security worldwide. The first component of a new security system, called "SwiftAlarm! Artificial Intelligence Security“ (SwiftAlarm! A.I. Security), has now been patented in the United States. It is the first in a series of four applications to delvelop the new A.I.-solution and a very important milestone for our company´s development.

Founder and SwiftAlarm! lead investor Dr. King: "The aim of this part of our new security system is to increase home security, particularly for elderly people without limiting their privacy. By means of the invention, fraudsters and burglars will still be able to get into a victim´s house up until the point when they want to leave it: Then a friendly welcoming committee consisting of police and security services will be waiting to arrest them. A.I. reacts in split seconds, is online-based, invisible. We see it as a very important invention to deploy better home security all over the world. I am very excited to set up the team now and start the development, now that we have the patent protection. And if you think that part of A.I. Security is cool, wait for patent application 3 - that will blow your head off ! It did mine when I bought the idea."

We'll keep you posted.

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