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Game-changer patent to be issued for SwiftAlarm! within the European Union

There are 4 forms of patents, grouped by importance : 1 the game changer patent 2 the important patent 3 the grinch patent (we don´t really need it, but it will pxxx off the competition big) 4 the nice to have patent.

A game changer patent is one by means of which a new industry can be developed and defined. Today SwiftAlarm! received notification that such a game changer patent will be issued shortly. It will define how universities in particular in France and the UK will, in the future rotect their students in the next 17 years and how security companies will protect visitors and their security employees. ain,

Again, at SwiftAlarm! we like unfair advantages: Monopolies by patent protection.

Again, amazing work by the Patent office Galileolaw, in particular a big thank you to Dr. Thomas Kurig and Ms Schalk and Molderings and all members of staff, great job and their persistance paid off very well !

Dr King inventor investor holding one of his patents

#SwiftAlarm #EuropäischesPatentamt #campussecurity

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