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New SwiftAlarm! patent filing to Bresil

A new patent filing for our stage II mPERS Operating System called "SenOS" has been filed in Bresil.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to patent attorney Mr Dr. Thomas Kurig and Ms Susanne Molderings, both exceptional professionals of the Galileolaw patent office in Munich.

The patent will enable us to extend our services to the prevention of kidnapping and dementia senior care. As kidnapping is an issue in South America, Central America and Africa this filing is of great importance for the future development of SwiftAlarm!

SenOS is due to be released in early 2020.

Galileolaw, Patentanwälte Becker Kurig Strauss, Bavariastrasse 7, 80335 München,

Acknowledgment of patent filing in Bresil SenOS

patent SenOS schematic explanation (excerpt)
SenOS claims (extract) in Bresil

#Patent #Bresil #Brasilia #SenOS #mPERS #mobilepersonalemergencyresponsesystem #patentfiling #Galileolaw

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