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Witchhunt 2.0

Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown leaves Queen’s Park after a press conference in Toronto on Wednesday, January 24, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Aaron Vincent Elkaim

It is a sad story, yet nothing has been proved, only claimed. Public opinion becomes accuser and judge, so at least one journalist speaks out against this kind of witchhunt2.0. Thank you, Karim Kanij for sharing this story; let us show that the truth does not differ according to political views.

So where will we draw the line ? Must every man now be in the presence of at least one more male or female witness in his political or professional day to day life ? Perhaps VP Pence is not so stupid as never to talk to women other than in the presence of his wife, for which he has been ridiculed.

I defiitely detest any kind of violence against women and children, in particular sexual offensive deeds, but if we forsake any kind of due process we win a Pyrrhus victory, we will win at the cost of liberty and due process, and that will, in the long run, too steep a price to pay.

Remark : This post created a massive response of arguments on facebook. Read them here :

#metoo #allegations #sexulaoffences #canada #accusations

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