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Martin-Juno Vogdt JUMO

Martin-Juno Vogdt held one of the most compelling speeches about a very normal startup conclusive error I have heard in a long time. It starts with the idea to take a business proposal designed for the USA or Europe and move it to Africa and Asia.

Success gives him and his company right : They are very successful with financial businesses that would be derided in the USA and Europe, but fit like a glove and do very much social good in Africa and Asia. He also ended a wonderful nonsense, that is public consent (i.e. that is presented by the media as public consent), that the gap between rich and poor becomes wider. Actually more people live above the poverty threshold than ever before.

We will hear a lot from Martin and Jumo in the future, I am sure.

A big thank you to Travelstart and Pia for allowing us to hear , and to see the beautiful art collection they have.

#startup #publicknowledge #Africa #Asia #Kapitalismus

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